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///Corporate Logo Design | Cleone Foods
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Project Description

Corporate Logo Design

Cleone Foods

This concept is a current and fresh update of the old and out-dated Cleone Logo design. The key focus was to develop a
contemporary and professional interpretation while still retaining the distinguishable elements for an easy transition.

The font for ‘Cleone’ has been changed from the fussy serif to a modern clean sans serif. The heavier weight and simpler uniform contributes to better readability at small scale and a much more current visual fashion. The ‘Foods’ and ‘LTD’ have been displayed as secondary text using the same font family in lighter weights.

The synonymous palm tree icon has been re-created in a much clearer and simple form, also positioned in such a way that it now compliments and connects with the text rather than feeling disjointed as with the old design.

The deep blue colour for ‘Cleone’ has been retained to assist with image association, but has been lightened slightly for a fresher ocean feel. The palm tree leaves are displayed in an exciting array of greens with a hint of yellow to result in a vibrant and
Caribbean impression. The trunk has been coloured in a medium brown to emphasise the palm tree image, resulting in the
symbolic image of the sea washing up against the Caribbean palm tree.

Overall the refreshed logo is a clean and modern twist of the old design, evoking a corporate and professional impression to take the brand forward. The way the logo has been created allows for it to be displayed in both full colour and single colour, without loosing the desired impression.

Corporate Logo Design Cleone Foods