Logo Design

Memorable, distinctive & original

‘Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful’

John Maeda

A logo is the face of your company brand, it differentiates you from your competitors and delivers the first impression. We understand a logo should involve, just as much energy, as any other aspect in the growth of a successful business. We take great pride, when crafting your business ethos, service and purpose, into an original, iconic representation of your organisation.

Our logos tell a story, the hardest part is making them beautifully simple.

Logos With Meaning

Great logos are the heart of your brand

We understand a logo plays a vital role in the growth of every business and brand, its not just a mark, it’s a reflection of who you are and what you do. A logos job is to project trust, admiration and recognition.

Visually Simple

Creating simplicity is the toughest challenge

In the development of our logos, the key is to constantly subtract, less is more in the case of logo design. This allows a logo to be easily recognised, through a clean uncomplicated form, resulting in a versatile identity with instant impact.

Memorable Impression

Being unique or unexpected is how we role

We take great pleasure in crafting logo designs that incorporate purpose and meaning with every stroke. Each design we create tells a story, often with hidden imagery or iconic representation, which in turns creates an emotion within the viewer, making it much more memorable.

Appropriate For Business

Focus on your target audience and desired perception

We will develop an identity that connects with your audience in the appropriate way. Which manifests your brand reflecting the core values and aims, provoking the appropriate emotions and feelings that result in the desired outcome.

Love Being Original

Take inspiration, trends and desires then place them in a blender

The principle is to differentiate yourself from your competitors, stand out from the crowd and make your mark in the marketplace. We avoid logo clichés and stock clipart at all cost. Fresh, unique and clever is what we like.

Timeless Logo

Brand recognition takes time and effort

As your business grows over time your logo will become more widely recognised, so we create timeless designs that will take you into the foreseeable future. If you have a logo which is amateurish, out dated or just terrible, we will give it a refresh by incorporating elements, if possible from the current one.

Logo Storyboard & Files

We provide you with the full story and all the files you need

Once the perfect logo has been completed, we then provide you with a full breakdown about the creation. This includes the story behind the design, display options, fonts used, colour codes and every file you will ever need for the future.

Stationery That Compliments

Kick start the brand material with custom stationery

Once you have a shiny new logo, we will then develop a selection of bespoke stationery to compliment your new brand identity. This usually includes business cards, letterhead, and compliment slip amongst other things, which is then freshly printed and delivered to your door.