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Project Description

Detailing Logo Design

Tidy Ride

This Tidy Ride logo concept has been developed to symbolise the result of using the service provided, which is visual perfection that can exceed a vehicles original condition.

To achieve this iconic representation all unnecessary lines and imperfections from the ‘Tidy Ride’ initials have been removed. The remaining shapes have then been tailored together in a flawless connection, which displays both the T & R in a single element.

The Gunmetal Grey has been chosen to emphasise the impact of the clean iconic design, which is reflected when presented in white. Certain situations a vibrant colour maybe appropriate, in which case a deep purple has been selected to represent luxury within the company.

A clean sans serif family font has been selected to deliver the impression of a friendly yet professional impression.

A clean, sharp, perfectionist logo. To represent a perfectionist detailing service.