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Project Description

Fatigue Logo Design

Fatigue Fighter

This concept has been developed to symbolise the idea of standing strong and fighting the fear of fatigue. The creation has taken shape by using 2 lowercase soft flowing serif l’s and reflecting them back to back, which gives the iconic representation of two arms and legs.

To emphasise the ‘Fighter’ aspect, a carefully selected font has been used, which displays an exaggerated bulge on the Terminal (Head) of the letter F, that in tum gives the impression of a boxer/fighter with boxing gloves. Then to simplify and result in a stronger shape, the serifs on the footers of the letters have been removed to give the design a solid grounding.

Finally the finishing touch was to add a circle at the top for the head, which has been halved to emphasise the two aspects associated within the iconic silhouette.

The company name ‘Fatigue Fighter is placed below the iron in a complimentary clean and simple sans-seri f font, which has been chosen to allow the reader to be attracted to the words rather than the font, it simply backs up the iconic image. But to add a twist, the word fatigue has been displayed in a regular font weight to represent the fragile state of fatigue, while fighter is in bold to represent strength.

The colours have been chosen to specifically represent each element of the brand and purpose of the company.
A soft violet has been used to portray the conditional fatigue, a quire and fragile colour to associate with hiding behindclosed doors and suffering in darkness, While the deep pink is an energetic and strong fighting colour, taking you fomard and overcoming the fatigue.

Fatigue Logo Design Fatigue Fighter
Fatigue Logo Design Fatigue Fighter