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Project Description

Hair Braid Logo

Graingers Braid Bar

This concept was developed as a simplified visual icon from a selection of braiding styles. Using only clean simple lines to represent hair, which have then been crafted and merged together, in a fluid and artistic form. Symbolically reflecting the braiding process. Resulting in a fun and energetic flow, that captures the essence of entwining hair in a distinctive and memorable fashion.

The aim was to take the shapes of the ‘gbb’ letters and blend them with the service ‘gbb’ provides. Bold and vibrant colours have been used to give the design a modern, cool and desirable impression. Influenced from Henry Holland, Mochino (Barbie) and pop art culture.

To compliment the icon design, a clean and smooth sans serif font has been used in two weights to flow with the design. Not to overpowering, but just enough to stand strong as the secondary element within the layout of the design.

The colours have been specifically chosen to be bold, bright and vibrant in a complimentary style, representing the current and fashionable hair service provided. Influences came from the renowned fashion stylists Henry Holland and Mochino.

Graingers Braid Bar Logo Design
Graingers Braid Bar Logo Design