Project Description

Hairdressing Logo

Rock Your Locks

The ‘Simply Bold’ logo has been developed to symbolise the core elements of ‘Rock Your Locks’, purpose, skills and services. As the name suggests this logo is about projecting a statement, through the use of vibrant colours, crafted lines and bold impact.

The symbol has been subtly crafted into the letter ‘R’, by utalising negative space within the form of the letter. This provides the impression of a woman standing strong, head held high and showing off a unique energetic hairstyle.

The colours within the hair have been created using dramatic shapes overlapping one another, resulting in a full colour spectrum to represent the endless options and possibilities at ‘Rock Your Locks’. The solid colour is a naughty deep red, which helps to ooze the rock impression, while giving a little hint of daring you to be different.

To compliment the hidden image, a strong Sans Serif font has been used to not overcomplicate the icon and assist with projecting the right impression. Being bold and unique!

Hairdressing Logo Design Rock Your Locks