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Project Description

Music Logo

Midlands Rocks

The Rock ic‘ON’ logo is a focus on the core ethos of the Midlands Rocks organisation, which in summary is ‘Rock Music’. The image of Rock Music is recognisably portrayed through the iconic ‘Rock Hand’ gesture. This symbol of Rock has been subtly crafted into the form of the letter ‘M’ by utilising negative space. In turn this provides the viewer with a memorable experience when they see the image emerge through the element of surprise.

To evoke the appropriate first impression a quirky and charming serif font has been used. Providing a modern twist with the
initial bold and striking impact needed to represent rock, with sharp flourish strokes giving a hint of stability and reliability. The word Rocks is then presented in a clean sans serif font as to not distract from the first impression, simply to compliment and flow with the design.

The underlining is the representation of a new chapter in the organisation, new management, new goals and new blood driving forward. The colours have been specifically chosen to represent the intensions and purpose of the organisation. Rich Black to simply represent the ‘Black Country’ and Crimson Red, often considered the colour of fresh blood, representing a new team and bloodline running through Midlands Rocks.

Midlands Rocks Logo Design