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Project Description

Product Logo Design


This design has been developed to symbolise the core elements of ‘Skirting4u’, quality, professional and an eye for detail. The overall layout is presented in a pixel perfect manor, with each letter being positioned precisely, to create a natural connection and flow throughout the wordmark. In turn representing the hand crafted, expert care that goes into every product.

As the strapline suggests, ‘the devil is in the detail’, taking this literally, two hidden elements have been subtly blended into the logo, to express the term and symbolise your products in a moment of surprise, creating an emotion within the viewer that embeds the memory of your brand. Both elements are small and almost unseen, but by carefully crafting them into the natural flow of the font, they become an important component to express the purpose and term, which symbolically reflects the same with skirting boards in every property.

Firstly the letter ‘S’, has gone through a complete reconstruction to deliver a subtle Devils head within the negative space.
Secondly by tailoring the loop of the letter ‘g’ with an overlaid arrow, this results in the impression of a Devils tail.

To create emphasis on the ‘4u’, the number and letter have been connected together to create a single form, then outlined to distinguish it from the primary word. The devils tail also points straight to the ‘4u’, which concludes to the flowing connection.

Finally the original orange has been given a slight tint of red to enhance the Devil inside.