An identity you’re proud of

There are some important ingredients that go into building a brand and a logo is certainly one of them. A logo design is more than just a graphical mark you stick on your website, a company logo is the face of your business and usually the first thing your customers will see.

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Logo Design

A company logo matters

Maybe you’re looking to take over the world or even just your local town, a logo will allow customers to recognise and remember your business. The job of a good company logo will entice people in, be distinctive and easily remembered, as a result, become familiar and trusted by your customers. This contributes to growing brand loyalty (returning customers).

The quality of your service should be matched or surpassed by the quality of your design, to ensure it does your business justice. Creating the right impression is your best chance of winning over and retaining a customer.

I’ll bet you could picture the logo for Apple, Nike and McDonalds right now. These are elite companies, but their logos follow the same principles of any good logo design. Love or hate them, they’re distinctive, memorable, clear and simple, which are all the keys to a successful logo.

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Our logo service

We will create your logo through a process that we have refined over years. First of all, we start by digesting as much information as we can about your business, through tailored questions and research. For the reason that it allows us to understand your industry and service; as a result clearly see who your target market is and be fully informed about your business position and plans for the future.

Finally then we start the creative journey. Following a recipe that takes us through brainstorming ideas, sketching options and creating digital concepts. We choose and present the one that works best for your business in our professional opinion. Next, we discuss and take on-board feedback, which leads us onto developing, refining and tweaking the design into the finished product.

The goals we strive to achieve with every logo design

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