Look after your investment

When you have a professional website with all the bells and whistles, a lot of people don’t realise that it requires hosting, maintenance, security, backups, optimisation and tests to keep it safe, running smoothly and in tip-top condition.

Website Support Illustrated Character
Website Support Illustrated Character

Essential website maintenance

We understand most business owners don’t have the time or knowledge to be faffing around with website maintenance, which is why we provide a service meaning you don’t have to give it a second thought.

A website is like any other digital program or application, just like when you get that annoying update on your phone, pc or even TV these days. These updates are there for a reason, maybe to be compatible with that new smartphone, or a cool new feature or maybe to fix a security vulnerability. Either way, you should have it.

Keeping on top of these sometimes weekly or even daily website updates is one thing, but when the update conflicts with something on the website, being able to fix the issue can be a whole new ball game. We implement these updates on many, many sites, so before we push them on your live site, we first check for conflicts and breaks on our test websites, to ensure minimal to zero disruption.

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Website security is a must

In the world we live in, there are unfortunately people out there, whose entire existence is spent looking for loop holes in websites. Or they make it their mission to hack a particular website.

There are a number of elements that our website support put in place to reduce the risk, but even top institutions like banks and the NHS have fallen victim to hackers. So by having backup plans and systems in place just-in-case, will minimize downtime and get you back in action, should the unthinkable occur.

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Everyone likes fast websites

Speed is key with websites – people are busy and time is precious. Having a speedily-loading website is a huge factor in online success. So along with some top-grade web hosting and daily maintenance, we also implement some technics and software on the backend to give your website the rocket fuel it craves.

We also cover the website hosting and emails, because your site needs to be fast, so the right hosting is important. Also to look professional you need to ditch the @gmail email and start using professionally branded emails, which we will sort out for you.

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Keeping you in the loop

We understand that when you have a website maintenance, it’s nice to know what has actually been done behind the scenes on your site each month. As such we provide a monthly report overview.

Our reports not only give you details about the software updates we’ve implemented but also provides details about the latest backups, any website downtime that we’ve addressed, an insight into the amount of website traffic you’ve received, the number of security scans performed and even speed performance. There’s a lot more involved, but we’ve found this to be the key information our customers like to know.

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